Linen Benefits

  • Provides coolness and comfort in warm weather and hot climates.
  • Safe for anyone with sensitive skin or prone to allergic reactions in hot weather.
  • High air permeability: Allowing air to flow through the fabric easily and enable the body to breathe.
  • Moisture-wicking: Absorbs moisture and quickly yields it again.
  • Thus, feels cool to the touch and removes perspiration from the skin.
  • Moisture absorption:  Due to its molecular structure, linen can absorb as much as 1/5 of its weight before   giving a feeling of being damp.
  • Good heat conductivity as linen allows the heat to escape which further improves cooling.
  • Airflow: Due to the weave in linen fibers, linen fabric allows more airflow. Its structure tends to stay away from your skin which allows better
     over your body and is less likely to cling to the skin.
  • In other words - your linen clothing will absorb lots of perspiration and it will not feel clammy as water evaporates off linen as quickly as off a surface puddle.